Not entirely, I sometimes use a natural simple soap on my pits and backside, but hear me out!.....

After I stopped using soap, especially drugstore and conventional soap to bathe my skin I have noticed a huge improvement with the texture, tone and brilliance of my oftentime super dry skin. Exfoliating 2 times a week and plain water every other time is really all you need and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Our skin is our biggest organ, we absorb and detox through it and unfortunately it is often overlooked most when switching to a more natural lifestyle.

Here are my top 4 reasons for ditching soap!

1. First and foremost have you seen the list of ingredients of store bought soaps? The list includes but is not limited to, heavy fragrances, parabens, synthetic dyes and a bunch of chemicals to maintain shelf stability. Things that have no business being on your skin at all! These ingredients disrupt your endocrine system and are even carcinogenic. They clog your pores and prevent your skin from doing its job of absorbing nutrients such as vitamin D and ridding toxins out of your body.

2. Soap can lead to other health problems you had no idea about. The reason being that the microbes that live on your skin surface are there for a reason and when you wash away those microorganisms, you leave yourself open to infections.

3. Soap can throw off your skin's natural balance, either making it too dry or too oily. This is because as previously mentioned above all those chemicals that are used to make the soap and help it maintain shelf stability can wreak havoc on your skin’s natural cycle.

4. Last but not the very least, it saves you money when you aren't wasting funds on putting chemical laden products on your body that will possibly cause you cancer or a host of other illnesses.

When it comes to handwashing.. YES! By all means please use a natural soap and wash your hands often especially when sick try to avoid antibacterial soaps which is bad for the environment and for you! But for the rest of your body this is highly unnecessary..

Try it for a week and notice the difference!

Also stop using aluminum filled deodorants on your pits.. ITS LINKED TO CANCER.

Stay healthy and always

Live, Life, Naturally💚🌿

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